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  • I Want to Help You Find Your Dream Home
  • Steps in the Home Buying Process
  • Information about Brokerage Services
  • Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement
  • Benefits of Home Ownership, After Tax Rates
  • The Steps to A Successful Home Purchase
  • How Do You Find the Home That is Right For You?
  • Do You Want to Gamble With Interest Rates?
  • Let Me Work With You!
  • What Price Home Can You Afford?
  • Defining Your Price Range
  • Qualifying for Conventional Loans
  • Once You Have Found the Right Home
  • Selecting a Loan
  • Estimated Cost of Home Ownership
  • Earnest Money Contract 
  • Property Condition Addendum, Agreement for Mediation
  • What Happens When the Contract is Accepted
  • Earnest Money Deposit, Selecting a Lender 
  • Time Limits and Dates for Earnest Money Contracts
  • Credit Information Sheet for Lender
  • Notice of Buyer’s Designation of Repairs 
  • Seller’s Notice to Buyer of Cost of Repairs
  • Buyer’s Notice to Seller of Buyer’s Choice under Paragraph 7
  • Home Warranties and Inspections
  • What Happens at the Closing or Settlement
  • Escrow, Title
  • Moving Tips Checklist
  • Change of Address Checklist
  • Moving your Pets and house plants
  • Arrival Kit checklist
  • Tips on Packing, Garage Sale Hints
  • Our School System
  • My Pledge of Quality Let’s Work....Together


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